Ditch the razor; hassle-free laser hair removal provides lasting smoothness in Perrysburg and Fremont, OH

Unwanted hair can arise almost anywhere and is often difficult, painful, time-consuming, and costly to remove. Led by board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Hope Mitchell, Mitchell Dermatology is pleased to offer laser hair removal that is none of those things! When planned and administered by our highly skilled skin care professionals, these advanced procedures at our Perrysburg center provide a gentle, precise, safe, effective, fast, and lasting alternative to tweezers, razors, waxes, and depilatory creams. For our patients in Fremont and Northwest OH, hair removal with lasers is also an attractive alternative to professional procedures such as electrolysis, which can be painful, time-intensive, and expensive. 

How to get smooth skin with lasers 

If Dr. Mitchell determines laser hair removal is appropriate for you, the process generally involves using a sophisticated laser device suitable for many skin types. Earlier-generation lasers presented risks such as hypopigmentation to patients of color. The system that we use works well on many patients. The systems generally have built-in cooling to enhance comfort during treatment. We can also discuss other options to assure you are as comfortable as possible. As your doctor directs the device toward the treatment area, powerful light-based energy is delivered to damage the follicles. Hair grows from these follicles. Since the device is so precise, the surrounding skin remains untouched. You may feel a slight sensation, like a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Cooling techniques ease discomfort, and the feeling goes away quickly. 


Laser hair removal requires minimal preparation and post-care. Just follow the directions provided by our team. Avoid tanning, shaving, and waxing before your appointment as instructed. Your skin may be more sensitive to UV light from the sun. So, it’s best to avoid or minimize your exposure to it in the days following treatment. 

The process is quick; in as little as around 15 minutes, your dermatologist can treat your back or legs. The total amount of time for each treatment session depends on the size of the area and the number of areas. 

Laser-assisted systems are the closest thing that we can get to permanent hair removal. Hair grows in cycles. So, usually, more than one treatment is necessary to get the desired level of hair reduction. After all, hair follicles are only responsive to lasers when they are in the active phase of growth (known as “anagen”). Our patients are hair-free and carefree. And you can be, too! Contact Mitchell Dermatology today to schedule your consultation. 419.871.3737 (Perrysburg) and 419.871.3636 (Fremont).

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Hope Mitchell, MD

Hope Mitchell, MD, is the founder and medical director of Mitchell Dermatology and an Ohio board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist. Dr. Mitchell has 25 years of expertise in the field. She is prepared to meet every skin care need with a personalized, one-of-a-kind treatment plan that you deserve.