Mitchell Dermatology is led by our very own CEO & board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD FAAD. Our professional team together with Dr. Mitchell has considerable experience and is focused on various dermatologic areas.

We focus on employees’ career development and promotion through thorough training, supervision, and appreciation. You are the heart of our practice!

If you are an enthusiastic student looking for an amazing shadow opportunity to learn and explore the field of dermatology, you are in the right place! Apply now.

If you are an enthusiastic student looking for an amazing internship opportunity to learn and explore the field of dermatology, you are in the right place! Apply now.

Careers at Mitchell Dermatology with Gap Year Interns Maddie Jones and Jalil Mitchell
Careers at Mitchell Dermatology with Gap Year Interns Maddie Jones and Jalil Mitchell







Mitchell Dermatology accepts students for observership in our Perrysburg and Fremont offices. As a shadow student, you will see a variety of patient encounters including dermatologic medical, cosmetic and surgical concerns with our physician, physician assistants, medical assistants, aesthetician and/or nurses.



  • Middle school/ high school/ college level or graduate students
  • A minimum of 3-4 hours per shadow day
  • Flexible, warm and friendly with good communication skills
  • Amenable to travel to Perrysburg and Fremont offices



Mitchell Dermatology accepts college and medical students for a 10-week non-paid summer internship program which starts every May of the year. This unique internship will give you a close overview of the role of a dermatologist and/or physician assistant by exposing you to their daily workflow, teaching you about dermatologic conditions and treatments and showing you how a team of medical professionals work together to provide patient care.



  • College or medical student
  • Passionate about the field of medicine and interest in learning more about dermatology
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Keen observer and attention to details
  • Dynamic, communicative and a team player
  • Willingness to learn and be trained



Mitchell Dermatology accepts students for its paid Gap Year Internship which is from June 1st through May 31st. As an intern, you will gain hands-on experience scheduling medical appointments, learning insurance verification, recording patient data in the Electronic Health Record (EHR), sending prescriptions, communicating with patients about their laboratory results and setting up procedures to assist with biopsies, surgical excisions, laser treatments and cosmetic procedures.



  • At the start of the internship, must have completed an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree
  • Strong interest in applying to medical school or working in the medical field
  • Complete a four-month non-paid orientation prior to the official June 1st start date (January to April). This is a four-hour weekly orientation. Virtual training option is available if applicable.
  • Be team friendly and have strong interpersonal skills
  • Travel between the Perrysburg and Fremont offices

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Check out our students and their career-enhancing experience at Mitchell Dermatology.

Erin H - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Erin H.

MD EXPERIENCE: April-May 2024
I had the best experience shadowing at Mitchell Dermatology. I have learned more about dermatology than I ever expected I would during this rotation. Nicole is an incredible teacher and is so unbelievably knowledgeable. You can tell she has a love for teaching others and sharing her knowledge. She has let me truly grow as a future clinician by teaching and allowing me to perform sutures, suture removals and so much more. I appreciate her trust in me and allowing me to love dermatology more than I thought I would. The other staff was so welcoming, helpful, and patient in my learning experience here. You guys all rock and are awesome people/health care workers.
Lora S. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Lora S.

I had a wonderful experience rotating at Mitchell Dermatology. The staff and advanced practice providers - physician assistants, were so friendly, accommodating, and patient with me as I navigated the new world of dermatology. I highly recommend this dermatology practice for future student rotations!
Taylor Y. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Taylor Y.

MD EXPERIENCE: February 2024
I got the opportunity to job shadow at Mitchell Dermatology in Perrysburg and Fremont. This opportunity gave me great insight on what a day-to-day would be like in the life of a PA in dermatology. This experience also helped me learn about different responsibilities that an expert in the field would have. I enjoyed being able to have a lot of hands-on experience with patients and got to learn more than what I expected. I would recommend anyone to shadow here as it was one of my favorite eye-opening experiences working with a PA, and I am grateful that students have an opportunity to learn here.
Isabella G - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Isabella G.

MD EXPERIENCE: January 2024
My experience at Mitchell Dermatology was very insightful! Between shadowing Clare and Nicole, I was able to see a great amount of various cases each patient came to the office with! As well as seeing these cases and listening to treatment plans, I was able to be of help in the process by initially getting the patients history and what was bringing them in that day. The excisions and biopsies were very intriguing and interesting to observe and assist alongside the PAs. On the cosmetic side, I was able to observe a laser hair removal and injection of Botox. This part of medicine has always been an interest of mine, so being able to see it firsthand was an amazing experience!
Niharika A - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Niharika A.

MD EXPERIENCE: January 2024
Shadowing at Mitchell Dermatology was a unique experience that greatly fueled my passion for dermatology. Having the opportunity to observe Dr. Mitchell and the physician assistants in action provided me with invaluable insights into the daily workings of a dermatological practice. The exposure to their collective expertise, professional demeanor, and commitment to patient care left a good impression on me. During my time shadowing, I found profound value in witnessing the direct impact of dermatologic conditions on patients. The experience was not only a powerful learning experience, but was also emotionally impactful, as I saw firsthand the physical and mental effects of various dermatological issues. This exposure solidified my desire to delve deeper into the field and explore how I could contribute to improving the lives of those affected. Overall, my shadowing experience at Mitchell Dermatology was extremely profound and meaningful. It not only deepened my understanding of dermatology but also ignited a newfound appreciation for the balance of knowledge, compassion, and teamwork required in the medical field. I genuinely enjoyed every moment of my time at Mitchell Dermatology, and it solidified my desire to pursue a career in dermatology.
Alexis H - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Alexis H.

MD EXPERIENCE: January 2024
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience shadowing at Mitchell Dermatology. I learned so much about the specialty over the 3 days I was there. I got to observe a broad range of procedures, from medical to cosmetic. Because of the broad range, I got a good understanding of what dermatology entails, which is exactly what everyone wants in a shadowing experience. I greatly appreciated the hands-on opportunities, including setting up for biopsies and filling syringes. This experienced solidified my interest in dermatology, and my passion for medicine.
Leah T. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Leah T.

MD EXPERIENCE: August - September 2023
My dermatology rotation was amazing! I was able to see a variety of patients and dermatological conditions, whether they were genetic, contact, or cancerous. I was able to perform physical exams, develop differential diagnoses, and assist with numerous biopsies and other procedures.
Hannah K. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology.

Hannah K.

MD EXPERIENCE: July - August 2023
Mitchell Dermatology was an incredible opportunity. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Nicole, Clare, and Dr. Mitchell were all very great and even better at teaching and providing informative feedback. I am very happy I was able to have this opportunity and chose dermatology as my elective as it is a specialty I am highly considering for my future career as a PA. Along with the welcoming and friendly environment of the office, the entire team of staff, including interns, were very helpful and made me feel comfortable when I was learning the new charting system and how the patient flow worked. There were many opportunities I was able to do alongside Nicole and Clare that I now feel more confident in for my future career. Thank you all again for the great lessons and skills you taught me and allowed me to partake in!
Joycelyn D. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology.

Joycelyn D.

MD EXPERIENCE: June 2021 - May 2023
Gap Year Intern
I had a wonderful experience at Mitchell Dermatology. I had the chance to work directly with patients throughout my time spent shadowing, including bringing back patients, giving the provider the patient’s history, and completing SOAP notes. These are a few of the useful abilities Dr. Mitchell imparted to me during my years of shadowing and interning. After I graduated from college, I formally began my internship at Mitchell Dermatology. I was really appreciative to have Dr. Mitchell as a mentor and the Mitchell Dermatology staff as a family to lean on. I learned a lot from everyone in the office, both in the medical field and in my personal life. I was granted the opportunity to stay for a second GAP Year. I started working with the other interns in a leadership role and was exposed to a variety of medical professionals including aestheticians, nurses, medical assistants, and physician assistants. I was very appreciative of this experience because it allowed me to learn more about each profession while interning and make the career decision that best suited me. I made the decision to become a physician assistant, and thanks to Dr. Mitchell and her staff, my dream and goal became a reality. I was accepted into one of the programs ranked in the top ten PA programs in the country. As a result of my internship experiences and working with my mentor, I gained the confidence needed to provide competent care through compassion and thoughtfulness.
Laila Rutter - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Laila R.

The PAs at Mitchell Dermatology did a wonderful job showing me what their typical days consist of and answering the questions I had about PA school. I got to watch procedures and how to handle many different types of patients.
Toriana R. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Toriana R.

I had an incredible opportunity to shadow both Dr. Mitchell and Nicole Bergman (PA-C). From the moment I stepped in, I was welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm by the entire team, which immediately made me feel at ease and excited about what would lie ahead. Dr. Mitchell and Nicole are both very skilled in their fields and it was amazing watching them at work. Their dedication to patient care and their ability to build connections with their patients left a good impression on me. I learned a lot about the role dermatologists play in improving patients’ quality of life and their day-to-day procedures. I am grateful for the opportunity, as it was time well spent.
Cincere B. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Cincere B.

MD EXPERIENCE: June 2022 - May 2023
Gap Year Intern
I have had the great opportunity to participate as a Gap Year Intern at Mitchell Dermatology. The providers at Mitchell Dermatology have a strong passion for education and mentorship. Throughout this internship I have learned so much. My confidence in my interactions with patients and medical knowledge has grown exponentially. I am forever grateful for this experience to learn and explore medicine.
Selena F. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Selena F.

MD EXPERIENCE: June 2022 - May 2023
Gap Year Intern
My experience working at Mitchell Dermatology has been extremely eye-opening. This was my first time shadowing in person and I was able to learn so much during the MD Gap Year internship. The Mitchell Dermatology staff are amazing and kind, I will greatly miss the laughs we had. I've learned invaluable skills that I will hold with me forever while I continue my journey towards medical school. I was responsible for multiple tasks such as: taking patients back, completing chart notes, assisting with excisions and cosmetic treatments, and verifying insurance benefits. I learned a lot about myself through this experience and what I'm capable of as future physician.
Natalie B. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Natalie B.

MD EXPERIENCE: April - May 2023
My shadowing experience at Mitchell Dermatology allowed me to become more well-rounded in my knowledge regarding Dermatology. I was able to experience the diagnosis and treatment of several common skin lesions and cancers. I was also able to observe and assist in several forms of procedures such as shave and punch biopsies and excisions. Nicole Bergman, PA-C took the time to explain her thought process when diagnosing and choosing specific treatment plans for patient concerns which allowed me to understand her choices and I was able to see how much she cares for the patients by individualizing treatment for them! The staff at Mitchell Dermatology took the time to teach me the EMR system and answered questions I had, and if they were unable to, they went the extra mile to find someone who could! Overall, my shadowing experience was very educational and enjoyable.
Kate K. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Kate K.

My shadowing experience was wonderful and it gave me a better insight on what I want to pursue in my future career. Having the opportunity to visually see the different lesions on the skin has gained my attention and has raised my knowledge of how precious the skin actually is. Pursuing a career in medicine will help me realize that helping people will result in boosting their confidence and put a sense of relief on myself. Thank you so much for this great opportunity!
Jordan Y.

Jordan Y.

With the support of the Edwards-Jenkins Scholarship, I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Mitchell during my Spring Break. My experience was phenomenal! Dr. Mitchell and her staff were so welcoming and provided me the opportunity to have an amazing hands-on experience. I observed punch biopsies, botox, total body skin exams, artificial intelligence hair growth measurement, and much more. I was even able to learn to conduct full body skin exams, take dermatology based history, and present patients. I am immensely grateful for this experience. As a young woman from Baltimore, Maryland I recognize the need for Black Dermatologists and I aspire to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Mitchell.
Josie R.

Josie R.

MD EXPERIENCE: January - March 2023
My shadowing experience at Mitchell Dermatology was an immensely rewarding opportunity. I am so honored that I got the chance to learn under Nicole Bergman (PA-C) as she is extraordinarily knowledgeable in her field and passionate about what she does. I hope to be as great of a provider as Nicole is one day. From day one, Nicole made me feel welcomed and took the time to explain different procedures and diagnoses. Being able to see first-hand what a career in dermatology looks like helped me to learn so much about myself and my aspirations for the future. Overall, the entire staff at this practice were beyond kind and welcoming. Everyone treated each other with the upmost respect and professionalism. Each team member cared for their patients with a comforting, warm, and optimistic approach in which it was obvious the patients felt safe and heard. Each day brought new opportunities and valuable knowledge that I will forever be grateful for. I will take my experience shadowing at Mitchell Dermatology along with me in my journey to become a PA. I hope to embody the characteristics displayed by the team members at Mitchell Dermatology and carry it with me into my career in healthcare in the future. I am incredibly appreciative for such an amazing opportunity.
Casey Clark - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Casey C.

MD EXPERIENCE: January 2023
My experience at Mitchell Dermatology has been extremely rewarding, even over the course of the few days I was able to shadow. This opportunity allowed me to gain first-hand insight into the dermatology career, including patient interaction, workplace environment, and common conditions and treatments. I watched procedures, including an excision of cancerous skin cells, cyst removals, and biopsies. I was asked to give a report of patient information after welcoming them to the practice, including their reason for visiting, the location of their concerned area, and the duration of symptoms. This communication within this field was something I was unfamiliar with, and am excited to take forward with me through schooling and future jobs. I also got hands-on experience with setting up a surgery, filling syringes, and aiding in finishing a punch biopsy. In addition, Dr. Mitchell guided me in note taking so I could take the information that I was learning with me, easily accessible in the notebook I brought to the shadowing experience. Dr. Mitchell ensured that I gained as much experience and retained as much information as I could within the time that I shadowed both her and Nicole. I accomplished my short term goals of gaining insight into the dermatology field and solidifying my interest in becoming a dermatologist. I hope to take my experience shadowing at Mitchell Dermatology to apply to my long term goals, which will aid me in my journey through medical school and residency.
Mackenzie Heban - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Mackenzie H.

MD EXPERIENCE: December 2022
I had a great experience with my shadowing. Nicole made me feel welcomed and helped with my understanding of dermatology. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given.
Maxwell B. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Maxwell B.

MD EXPERIENCE: December 2022
My shadowing experience was done by observing Nicole Bergman (PA-C) at Mitchell dermatology. The practice was a fantastic and comfortable setting that allowed to me further explore and grasp a better understanding of the field. I spent three days to obtain an accumulative of 20 hours of observation by shadowing Nicole. She portrayed a definitive passion and care for her patients that is necessary to be a good medical professional. I am hoping to take these characteristics into practice into my near future in medicine. I am grateful for my reinsured experience and excited for what is to come!
Kailey K. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Kailey K.

MD EXPERIENCE: December 2022
I have enjoyed my experience at Mitchell Dermatology with Nicole Bergman. She does an excellent job at explaining different procedures and conditions. I have witnessed many new cases that I have never seen before and have learned a vast amount of knowledge from them.
Shaveonté G.

Shaveonté G.

MD EXPERIENCE: August – November 2022
I am a medical student going into Dermatology. Being with Dr. Mitchell has been the best experience ever. She really pushes you out of your comfort zone. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does and she really has a passion for mentorship. I have learned so much from this experience and will use the tools that she has given me to shine wherever I go! Learning from Dr. Mitchell has given me a strong foundation in dermatology and has made me a more confident person and student. I want to be just like Dr. Mitchell, she is truly the best!!
Fayven T.

Fayven T.

MD EXPERIENCE: September 2022
My experience with Dr. Mitchell, Nicole, and the rest of the team was amazing. They were all so kind and welcoming but most importantly my greatest knowledge of Dermatology was acquired here. I have learned so much from the descriptions, diagnosis, assessment, and plans to the proper way to present in front of an attending. The environment here allowed me to learn and thrive as a medical student and I cannot be more thankful for such an amazing opportunity.

Kimberly W.

MD EXPERIENCE: June – July 2022
Nth Dimensions Summer Intern
Mitchell Dermatology has positively molded my view of medicine forever. Throughout my summer internship in Ohio I had the opportunity to observe the treatment of various skin conditions, play a hands-on role in the care of patients, and witness the importance of the patient-physician relationship. On top of this Dr. Mitchell provided a unique opportunity to learn more about skin of color and how conditions present differently on patients of color. The lessons I learned this summer are invaluable and I will carry them with me throughout my entire medical career. Working under Dr. Mitchell this summer was an honor and a once in a lifetime experience. I learned so much about both the business and medicinal side of dermatology. I am incredibly thankful for this experience and to have Dr. Mitchell as a mentor. You can tell she cares deeply about each mentee she takes on and pushes you to become the best version of yourself throughout the summer and beyond. Although I am sad the internship has come to a close, I know Dr. Mitchell will continue to provide advice and guidance on my path through medicine and I hope more students have the opportunity to work under her in the future.

Jiana W.

MD EXPERIENCE: June – July 2022
Nth Dimensions Summer Intern
My Shadow Student Experience is one that I will never forget! From day one, Dr. Mitchell made sure I felt like I was part of her amazing team. I was given the warmest welcome by everyone in the office. On the first day, I remember being so amazed at her presence in the office. I took note of her interactions with patients. Her explanations were always so thorough. Patients always spoke so highly of Dr. Mitchell. I had the privilege of meeting some of her patients that have been with her since she began practicing. I aspire to build the same type of rapport with my future patients. At times, Dr. Mitchell had more faith in me than I had in myself. Her ability to provide mentorship is unmatched. I feel honored that I was able to spend my summer with such an amazing woman. I truly wish I could spend 8 more weeks at Mitchell Dermatology.
Madelyn J - Summer Intern

Madelyn J.

MD EXPERIENCE: May – July 2022
Summer Intern
I had the amazing opportunity to serve as a MD Summer Intern at Mitchell Dermatology. My experience offered me valuable hands-on experience in a clinical setting where I learned not only about the field of dermatology, but essential problem-solving skills, how to interact with patients, and so much more. Each day brought different circumstances and Dr. Mitchell and the incredible staff created a welcoming environment that allowed me to develop my knowledge and confidence. The guidance and mentorship offered at Mitchell Dermatology has truly set a passion and foundation upon which I will continue to build my career in the field of medicine.
Taiya Miller - Summer Intern at Mitchell Dermatology

Taiya M.

MD EXPERIENCE: May – June 2022
Summer Intern
Prior to this shadowing experience, I did not have any healthcare experience whatsoever. Ending my first year of undergrad and beginning an experience that was very hands on and intensive was a huge adjustment for me. I am so grateful that I took advantage of this opportunity because of how much I have learned in such a short amount of time and being able to apply the skills I've learned during this internship to other experiences whether that be during school, various internships, or jobs. The confidence and knowledge I've gained during this experience will continue to set me up for success.
Claire Rothert

Claire R.

MD EXPERIENCE: May 31, 2022 - June 8, 2022
I had an amazing experience shadowing Nicole at Mitchell Dermatology! Nicole and the entire MD staff were extremely welcoming and taught me so much about dermatology and what it takes to become a PA. I was able to learn so much about different skin disorders and even watch a dew minor surgeries such as the removal of skin lesions. Nicole was always there to answer any questions I had about specific things regarding the dermatology field. I greatly appreciate everything Mitchell Dermatology has done for me during my time there and I am very excited to use what I have learned for my future career. Overall, I had a great experience and thank you for everything.
Alicia E.

Alicia E.

I flew in from Washington, DC on my Spring Break to embark on the incredible journey of shadowing Dr. Hope Mitchell. My time shadowing was truly amazing. With the consent of her patients, I was able to see many dermatological procedures, like the removal of warts, Botox, chemical peels, hair loss injections, removal of skin cancer, full body skin exams, biopsies, and so much more. Her practice was filled with knowledgeable and caring staff that showed me how to prepare examination rooms, check in patients efficiently, and schedule appointments. Everyone at the Mitchell Dermatology practice was professional, did impeccable work, and put the needs of the patients’ first. Mitchell Dermatology is truly a one stop shop. I saw patients come in to pick up their skincare items and receive relaxing facials on the Spa side. I inspire to one day open a practice like Dr. Mitchell’s that serves the various needs of my community!
Emily M.

Emily M.

MD EXPERIENCE: January – February 2022
I had a great experience shadowing PAs Caitlin and Nicole at Mitchell Dermatology! I learned lots of new things related to skin disorders and diseases. My favorite thing that I saw was a minor surgery of a mole removal. It was interesting to see how many different types of cures there are for different skin disorders. I found it fascinating that Kenalog steroid is used to treat so many different problems, such as keloids. I will take all of the information I learned on with me in my future endeavors. Shadowing at Mitchell Dermatology was a privilege and solidified my assurance that the dermatology field is something I am interested in once I become a PA. Thank you for everything!
Breanna C.

Breanna C.

MD EXPERIENCE: January – February 2022
Shadowing Caitlin at Mitchell Dermatology has been such an amazing and rewarding experience! I've learned so much about what it takes to become a PA, and she's taught me so many amazing things about Dermatology. Caitlin and the entire MD staff are nothing short of amazing. They are all kind, welcoming, and really make you feel like family. I am forever thankful for my shadowing experience at Mitchell Dermatology!
Madelyn M.

Madelyn M.

MD EXPERIENCE: October - December 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed shadowing Nicole and Caitlin at Mitchell Dermatology. Both Nicole and Caitlin were very welcoming and provided a great learning environment. I learned about various skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, skin cancer and various rashes. In addition, I got to witness some minor surgeries in the office such as removal of skin lesions, cautery of blood vessels, and removal of cysts. Also, I saw how some of the notes and behind the scenes parts of the job work. I was able to ask questions and learn more about various skin conditions through this shadowing experience. Overall, I had a great experience and recommend this shadowing opportunity to other prospective students.
Kortney McClure - Gap Year Intern

Kortney M.

MD EXPERIENCE: June 2021 – May 2022
Gap Year Intern
I am truly blessed and thankful for the Gap Year Internship at Mitchell Dermatology. Specially, I am thankful for Dr. Mitchell and the knowledge she instilled in me that I will be able to use going forward. I was given the opportunity to learn so much and will forever be grateful for that. I now feel as if I can undertake anything that comes at me in my future career as a podiatric physician.
Toni J. - MD Student of Mitchell Dermatology

Toni J.

Nth Dimensions Summer Intern
Dr. Mitchell is the epitome of what it means to be a change agent, leader, and dedicated mentor in dermatology. She has continuously excelled as a dermatologist and prioritizes lifting others as she climbs. Dr. Mitchell goes above and beyond for all of her mentees and her passion for mentorship is unparalleled. My mentorship experience with her has truly changed my trajectory in ways I could have never imagined. I have had incredible experiences and unprecedented opportunities as a result of her mentorship. She provides guidance regarding the journey through medicine, dermatology, and the art of business. I have watched her provide dermatologic care to patients that has been life-changing for them. Her profound knowledge base has taught me so much regarding patient care and how to be an effective business owner. Dr. Mitchell has been an immaculate example of the type of physician I hope to one day become. I am forever indebted to the tools and words of wisdom she has bestowed upon me, and I can not wait to one day do the same for other students.
Shayna M.

Shayna M.

MD EXPERIENCE: 2015 – 2021
Medical Assistant
I started at Mitchell Dermatology in 2015 as a shadow student from Bowling Green State University. I came in twice a week and learned how to take medical notes, room patients, and set up and assist with procedures. Since then, I became a medical assistant at Mitchell Dermatology in the summer of 2016 through September of 2021 and continued to grow my medical knowledge. This experience led me to get my masters in Human Donation Science at the University of Toledo. I am currently employed working as a procurement transplant coordinator.