Glowing skin without the risk: Dermaplaning in Perrysburg and Fremont, OH

Relieve and “refinish” dry, leathery, and lackluster skin in Perrysburg and Fremont, OH, with dermaplaning at Mitchell Dermatology. Dermaplaning in the hands of our center’s professionals, led by board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Hope Mitchell, precisely and effectively restores the radiance and smoothness of your skin. It does so in a gentle manner. This technique also benefits from eliminating the “peach fuzz” that can interfere with the effectiveness of skincare products. 

The power of a good exfoliant 

Your skin renews itself once every 30 days or so. As you get older, old skin cells build up and hide your new cells. Plus, this build-up promotes zits and scaly or otherwise “tired”-looking skin. So, it’s essential to remove those old cells at the surface of the skin. This process is known as exfoliation. Now, the products you buy at the store or online are generally not as effective as those products and techniques available at professional dermatologists’ offices. Some exfoliants can be too harsh and damaging to some skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Fortunately, Dr. Mitchell has access to clinically proven and safe products and is experienced at treating a diverse range of patients across the spectrum of skin types. 

The power of dermaplaning 

Dermaplaning involves using a small device to lift the outermost skin layers lightly, taking with it superficial imperfections and fine, stray hairs. This process should not be confused with dermabrasion, which uses a device that rotates to remove superficial skin. It is also not to be associated with its less invasive counterpart, microdermabrasion, which removes a thinner layer of skin. Dermaplaning gets results that cannot be achieved with less invasive techniques, without risks associated with more invasive technologies. Furthermore, dermaplaning can be customized to your specific needs, from dryness to acne scars to hair removal. 

The process

Due to the minimally invasive nature of dermaplaning, anesthesia or numbing products are not necessary. Dermaplaning can furthermore be completed in just moments. It is even a safe alternative for pregnant women who may not be candidates for procedures such as peels containing chemicals. Again, as a hair removal treatment, dermaplaning doesn’t cause the fuzz to return with a vengeance (thicker and darker).

Our patients appreciate that many of the medical-grade products that we recommend work better post-treatment. That’s because there are no hair follicles that stand in the way of their effectiveness. Follicles promote a build-up of dirt and oils. This type of surface is not a suitable conduit for serums and moisturizers. We may even recommend dermaplaning before facials and other laser therapies as a way to “prep” the skin. 

Dermaplaning may be a suitable way to regain your healthiest, most beautiful skin. Contact us at 419.871.3737 (Perrysburg) and 419.871.3636 (Fremont) today to schedule your consultation at our Perrysburg or Fremont office.

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Hope Mitchell, MD

Hope Mitchell, MD, is the founder and medical director of Mitchell Dermatology and an Ohio board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist. Dr. Mitchell has 25 years of expertise in the field. She is prepared to meet every skin care need with a personalized, one-of-a-kind treatment plan that you deserve.